M6 delays hottest day of year as broken truck causes hour-long queue near J9 to Wednesbury

Two lanes are closed at junction 9 of the M6 ​​heading north after a truck broke down. Drivers have been warned to expect delays of more than an hour while authorities deal with the vehicle.

Traffic is being measured on the M5 heading north on the approach to the M6. But camera footage from the highway shows a huge queue of traffic near the incident.

News of the delays was shared by National Highways West Midlands on Twitter. Initially, drivers were told that about half an hour would be added to their travel time.

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National Highways tweeted at 1:15 pm this afternoon (June 17): “2 lanes (out of 3) are closed on #M6 northbound on J9 #Wednesbury due to a broken truck. half an hour to your trip.”

They added at 2pm: “Lane closures on #M6 northbound on J9 #Wednesbury are now causing delays of over an hour. Delays are also being measured on #M5 northbound approaching #M6.”

There are further delays on the M6 ​​north at junction 6, where two lanes are also closed due to a collision. Only one lane, out of three, is open at that location. The nature of the collision is currently unknown.

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