Libs call for AEC investigation into candidate

Parramatta Labor candidate Andrew Charlton may have violated election laws by listing his wife’s Woollahra rental as his place of residence.

The Liberal Party will ask the Australian Election Commission to investigate an alleged electoral violation of Anthony Albanese’s captaincy choice for a seat in Sydney.

Parramatta’s Labor candidate Andrew Charlton allegedly violated election laws by giving the Australian Election Commission the wrong address.

Charlton had listed a Woollahra rental owned by his wife as his place of residence, but moved to Parramatta last month.

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese said he hoped “the rules would be upheld” when questioned about the alleged violation on Saturday.

In response, a coalition campaign spokesperson confirmed that the Liberal Party will ask authorities to investigate the matter.

“This afternoon, the Liberal Party will write to the AEC, requesting an investigation into possible violations of electoral law by Charlton,” the spokesperson said.

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