Lewis Hamilton doubles up in jeweler position as the FIA ​​queue continues

Lewis Hamilton’s participation in the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​in doubt due to his refusal to comply with an FIA crackdown on drivers wearing jewelry during races

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F1 Preview: One Lap of the Monaco Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton remained defiant in the face of the FIA’s crackdown on drivers wearing jewellery.

The issue was hotly debated last month, with Hamilton clashing with F1 bosses at the inaugural Miami Grand Prix. After being warned that the rule would be forcefully enforced, he showed up for his Thursday media duties wearing various watches, rings and piercings.

He also said he would be prepared to boycott the race if organizers continued to insist on the measures. Eventually, he came to terms with the officials, taking off his earrings to compete while receiving a two-run exemption for his nose earrings.

That exemption expired after the race in Miami and then Spain last weekend, but the seven-time world champion doubled his position in Monaco. And this despite a warning from former F1 driver Alex Wurz, now heavily involved in driver safety, that the ban was for the ‘right’ reasons.

“It hasn’t been an issue in the past and there’s no reason it should necessarily be an issue now,” Hamilton told reporters. “Honestly, I feel like there’s a lot of time and energy going into this.

“I’ve said everything I feel I need to say in the last few races and that’s not my focus this weekend.”[I’ve been] taking my [ear] nails for every time I’ve been in the car, and will continue to do so. Nose piercing is not a problem at the moment.”

Lewis Hamilton has made it clear that he will not follow F1 regulations regarding jewelry


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Hamilton revealed that he was still in discussions with the FIA ​​and also questioned why the sport was so keen to adopt the measure: “Look, [the jewellery rule] entered in 2005,” he continued.

“I think we all wear jewelry throughout our Formula 1 career. [the FIA] and I think they’re accommodating a little at the moment.”

And the 37-year-old, who has long called for more diversity in F1 and speaks out on a number of issues, reiterated that the sport should focus elsewhere: “We shouldn’t keep revisiting this every weekend. bigger to fry.”

Indeed, Hamilton himself is arguably more preoccupied with starting his 2022 campaign, having shown more pace in Spain this past weekend. He finished fifth in the Grand Prix after recovering from an early puncture.

However, Mercedes struggled again in Friday’s first practice session in Monaco. As usual in 2022, it was Ferrari and Red Bull that dominated, with Charles Leclerc the fastest ahead of Sergio Perez, Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen.

Meanwhile, Hamilton crashed in 10th after avoiding hitting the wall. Teammate George Russell was eighth.

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