KCEN makes history with all-female, all-black morning show


Ashley Carter, Taheshah Moise and Jasmin Caldwell — who form the “Texas Today” morning show on KCEN — made history by representing the first all-black, all-female news team, their station said.

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When Taheshah Moise, Jasmin Caldwell and Ashley Carter hosted “Texas Today” for the first time on Monday, May 2, they were making television history, their network said.

But in the words of Moise, one of three black women who anchor the Monday-Friday morning show at Temple, the trio is “making HER history.”

KCEN said its “Texas Today” show is the first time that an anchor team in the United States is made up of all black women.

“I told my boss that I honestly never thought he would consider putting all of us at the table,” said Caldwell, who was a weekend reporter and anchor for KCEN. “But then he told me that ‘it was never about skin color, it was about who was best for the job.'”

Caldwell has been with KCEN since 2017 and was recently promoted to weekday anchor. When she was first hired, she said there were no other black anchors on the station.

Moise, anchor of “Texas Today” since the summer of 2021, seemed thrilled to tell KCEN producers earlier this month the importance of being part of a monumental news crew.

“You’ve been waiting for years that you’ll see changes. You hope, you pray, you never think you’ll see,” Moise said. “And so it’s another layer to be a part of that.”

The newest addition to KCEN is Carter, a meteorologist who recently arrived at the station after three years working in Huntsville, Alabama. When she took the job, she said she didn’t know that Caldwell was also joining the show – forming the historic trio.

“I think what I feared the most is that people would underestimate our talents to try to say that this team was put together so that this season could feel… more diverse,” Carter said. “When people look at us every morning, they will be able to see that each of us has earned our position on this team. I don’t think our news director did this intentionally. I think he realized, ‘They’re all women, and they’re all black, but hey, they’re the best for this show, and that’s what we’re going to do.’”

“Texas Today” airs weekdays from 4:30 am to 7:30 am. KCEN covers Temple, Waco and surrounding areas.

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