Jurgen Klopp shouted a word in Spanish at Luis Diaz after Liverpool won the FA Cup

Jurgen Klopp paid tribute to Luis Diaz following his performance as man of the match in Liverpool’s FA Cup final victory over Chelsea on Saturday.

After impressing against the same opposition at Wembley in the League Cup final in February, just weeks after joining the Reds, the Colombian struggled again as he helped his new team win the domestic double.

The winger could have been Liverpool’s goalkeeper, being denied by the crossbar and Edouard Mendy as he recorded six shots on goal – more than any other player. And while Klopp admitted that Diaz should have scored against Chelsea, the fact that he doesn’t take anything away from an individual performance is special.

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“What a boy, what a story, what a player!” he told reporters. “But he should have scored. I think we agree. He probably agrees.

“The speed he has is insane. Don’t forget he played alongside Chalobah and Reece James. Getting into a situation like that is absolutely unlikely, the big chance he had in the first half. I think it was a Trent pass. If you want, we can talk about his performance too!

“Yes, he should have scored at that moment. With his quality, it’s like that. But what a player. He is excellent. He’s a fantastic boy.

“It’s so funny that we hugged after the game and I yelled, “Let’s go!” Anyway, the few words I know in Spanish and similar languages. It’s so funny, but he gets our football 100%.

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“We thought we saw it in Porto. But let it really be so, I feel lucky too. He fits like a glove in our football. This is very, very special.”

Klopp also took the opportunity to praise Trent Alexander-Arnold for making English football history after winning his sixth major honour.

“We won both national cups. This is really special,” she said. “And Trent Alexander-Arnold is the youngest player ever in this incredible Premier League history, if I’m right, the first to win all six major trophies. At 23. There are so many special stories.”

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