Incredible Alisson, but Romelu Lukaku has a match to forget

It took more than 120 minutes and 14 penalties to separate the two teams, but it was Liverpool who were left with fond memories of their day at Wembley as they lifted the FA Cup for the eighth time.

Everyone played their part in a tense and hot final of the oldest competition in world football, but who shined and who had a match to forget?

Chelsea (4-3-3)

Edouard Mendy

This time, no late replacement for Kepa. Tuchel must have expected it to be goalkeeper day. Mendy put up strong resistance when defending Luis Diaz in the eighth minute and maintained his stubbornness. 7/10

Reece James

Considering when and how to move forward, he must have The Clash’s words ringing in his ears… ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ With Diaz haunting Chelsea’s right side, it was usually wiser to stay. 7/10

Trevor Chalobah

Whenever Chalobah came face to face with Diaz, it was tempting to contact the Metropolitan Police to report an assault. Chalobah was exposed three times in the first eight minutes before his teammates offered emergency assistance. 06/10

Thiago Silva

When the pace reduced to a little above the pedestrian, Thiago was fine. So too when Liverpool were reduced to targeting aimless crosses into the penalty area. Less comfortable when Klopp’s team played at a higher pace, but defended with courage. 7/10

Antonio Rudiger

Seeking a farewell before joining Real Madrid – and perhaps dropping hints to his future teammates – he said goodbye to the injured Salah and faced a different challenge with Jota. His experience was essential as the pressure mounted. 7/10

Mark Alonso

A generally curious figure on the left, caught between defending and offering a way out. He came out for the second half like a man possessed, twice nearly scoring, closest to hitting the bar. More of an offensive weapon than a defensive one. 7/10

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