How to prevent kids from getting bored this summer vacation

It’s all about creating routines and having fun.

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Summer has officially arrived and that means school is over! Suddenly, the houses are full of little people who sometimes need your help to create activities. If you’re already hearing cries of “I’m bored”, then I have a few ideas that will help kids of all ages (including grown kids, aka parents) stay busy and not only survive, but thrive in the summer.

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baby watch

One key to a happy baby is making sure he sleeps well. During the hot summer months, babies’ rooms should not be too hot or too cold – generally 18°C ​​is recommended as a comfortable temperature. A small fan positioned safely and out of reach can create a gentle hum of white noise and keep air circulating – remember not to direct the breeze directly at baby.

While baby sleeps, Mom and Dad may want to enjoy a night breeze on the back deck. Keeping a close eye on it is crucial, and today’s technology can assure parents that their baby is safe in the crib.

Owlet’s Dream Sock monitors your baby’s sleep state and sleep quality by tracking heart rate, awake time, oxygen level and movement, then sends this information to a downloadable app on your smart device. . Put on that sock and rest assured that baby is sleeping soundly while you are around.

Unicorn Sparkle Kids Fluoride Toothpaste, $6,
Unicorn Sparkle Kids Fluoride Toothpaste, $6,

Good morning, unicorns!

Young children can get bored easily, so it’s important to give them regular routines and responsibilities. Morning chores like making the bed and brushing your teeth are helpful ways to start over – but they can easily be neglected when sleeping and eating cereal in front of cartoons. Find fun ways to entice them to create and maintain healthy habits.

Toothpaste with unicorn glitter should do the trick. Yes it’s real! And it tastes like rainbows and sun (chewing gum). It has a natural flavor, helps prevent cavities, strengthens enamel, fights bacterial plaque and has never been tested on animals (real or imaginary).

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Did I mention it glows? Of course yes. It’s magic!

After breakfast, help the kids work on a summer project. How about recording adventures in a scrapbook? Hang a big Bristol board in your room and go! — you created a summer memory board. Encourage children to post camp photos, concert tickets, and other memorabilia they collect. The challenge: add something everyday for a complete picture of summer memories!

Pre-teens and teenagers

One idea for this age group is to involve them in a daily summer job at home. He will teach them time management, responsibility and rewards. Simple jobs around the house can be watering plants in the garden, helping to prepare the family breakfast each morning (this will help get them out of bed well and early!), or organizing recycling.

One job that will get them excited (and get their creative juices flowing) is redesigning their own bedroom. Offer them a small quote and let them search online for inspiration. Stores like Simons, Walmart or Giant Tiger have affordable and trendy offerings like bedding, rugs and posters online.

They allocate the budget and learn real-life skills like math. Choosing your favorite colors, a new bed quilt and some new art posters is a great way to express yourself and be proud of your choices.

— Karl Lohnes

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