Halifax: Adorable foxes wreak havoc on a family’s urban garden

One of the puppies befriending a teddy bear statue

One of the pups befriending a teddy bear statue (Photo: Steve Midgley/Solent News)

A cute family of fox cubs has decided that a family garden in a built-up area is actually their personal playground.

The six babies and their parents visit at any time of day and bring various items with them for fun, including a garden mitt (I hope it’s not missing) and a towel and even a pair of panties.

Steve Midgley captured some cute pictures of them in the urban garden in Halifax, West Yorkshire, saying they like to make a lot of noise.

“The puppies are quite friendly,” he said.

“They know I’m hiding there or sitting in my camouflage and I can get really close. However, adults are very shy and hardly ever emerge when I am in hiding.

‘They live in a very built-up area surrounded by houses, but it’s a joy to sit, watch and photograph.’

He said he likes to practice his attacks while the mother drags a towel while her babies chase her.

Five of the chicks together peeking out of the bushes

The whole gang (Photo: Steve Midgley/Solent News)

A puppy carrying a gardening glove in its mouth

Steve often sees the puppies with some treasure they’ve found (Photo: Steve Midgley/Solent News)

The 59-year-old businessman visits his friend’s garden to take the photos.

He said: ‘They make a lot of noise, especially when chasing each other or fighting over food.

“Mom or Dad seems to bring home things they find for the puppies to play with. We pick up all kinds of clothes, from t-shirts and hats to socks and panties.

“You never know what you’ll find on the lawn in the morning.”

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