Groom convicted of trying to sexually abuse bridesmaid 2 days before wedding – New York Daily News

A Pennsylvania man was convicted of attempting to sexually assault a bridesmaid two days before her wedding in 2019.

Daniel Carney, 30, was found guilty on four of the five counts on Friday to conclude a trial in Stroudsburg, ABC’s local affiliate WNEP reported. He was taken out of court in handcuffs.

Carney was convicted of attempted sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, simple assault and indecent assault, according to local TV station WFMZ. He was acquitted of the attempted rape.

The bridesmaid and Carney were both very drunk after a pre-wedding rafting trip down the Delaware River on August 30, 2019, witnesses on both sides testified.

Surveillance video, which was shown to the jury, showed Carney pulling the bridesmaid into the men’s locker room at a resort in Delaware, the WFMZ reported. Prosecutors noted that Carney did not bring any bathing supplies with him.

The victim told police she was too drunk to consent to any sexual activity. Carney’s defense team claimed that she initiated the interaction by flirting with Carney on the rafting trip.

After Carney and the woman disappeared for some time, future bride Nicole Carney found them together in the bathroom shower. She yelled at Daniel and found her maid of honor, according to a police report.

However, Nicole testified in Daniel’s defense, WNEP reported. She said the maid of honor was conscientious and aware, claiming the woman consented to Daniel’s advances.

The wedding went as planned two days later.

Prosecutors cited text messages Carney sent to the maid of honor after the attack: “I know this is terrible too but my d— was in the shower,” he wrote. “We’ve never done this, but would you consider taking plan b to be sure just in case? There is almost no chance, but still.”

Carney will be sentenced in July, according to the WFMZ. He could face a significant prison sentence as he was convicted of two criminal charges.

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