Got a sarcastic note from my neighbors saying they’d be ‘grateful if I cut more grass’

One parent was furious when a neighbor acted as the lawn guard and orderly on a sarcastic note.

The struggling father was urged to “keep going” after mowing his lawn for the second time this year.

A father received a sarcastic note about mowing the lawn


A father received a sarcastic note about mowing the lawn

But he said he has not been able to maintain his garden as much as he would like because he is raising two children, including a newborn, while his wife is in hospital.

The letter, which was stamped and mailed, read: “Congratulations! You’ve cut the grass. That’s twice so far this year, I believe.

“Can you continue? Maybe weekly? Or at least every other week?

“Your neighbors would be very grateful if your house didn’t look abandoned.”

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The father, believed to be in the US, wrote on Reddit: “I haven’t been able to take care of my yard as much as I’d like for the last few months.

“We had our second child in February and I take care of the newborn and our five-year-old son by myself, while my wife is in the hospital recovering from postpartum complications.

“At no time was my yard out of compliance with regulations and at no time did anyone bother to approach me directly about the matter.

“Instead, we just received this anonymous passive-aggressive letter in the mail.

“They even posted and mailed it instead of walking a few doors and talking to me like a human being.”

Reddit users supported the father and accused their neighbor of being rude. One wrote: “Nice ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ letter.

“I hope whoever it is hears why the cut wasn’t made and feels bad. I know they would.”

And a second added: “You know what would have been nice? If your neighbor came and asked if everything was okay and if you needed help.

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“They seem to have a lot of time to look at your lawn and write and send letters while assuming you’re just lazy.”

Another jokingly suggested, “Cut the grass in the middle of the night for a while.”

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