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German police in Berlin sparked outrage after video footage emerged showing police officers tearing down a Ukrainian flag. Videos shared online showed Berlin police intervened when activists unfurled a huge Ukrainian flag at a World War II memorial service this afternoon. Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andrij Melnyk called the ban on the Ukrainian flag “a slap in the face to the Ukrainian people”.

Stefan Hennewig, a German politician from the opposition CDU party, said the images of the police crackdown were “shameful”.

The disturbing video shared online shows the moment police controversially confiscate a Ukrainian flag.

Michael MacKay, a security expert, tweeted: £ In Berlin, police remove a Ukrainian flag. Today is Remembrance and Reconciliation Day in Ukraine – known as Victory in Europe Day in other countries.

“These are disturbing images – a sign of the Russian Fascist regime’s strategic corruption runs very deep in Germany.”

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He continued: “The authorities in Berlin have established a moral equivalence between a Russian fascist flag and the flag of defending Ukraine.

“The moral compass of the Berlin government is so wrong that they cannot navigate the war in Europe or the reality of life in the 21st century.”

Berlin police were following orders set out earlier this week when German authorities banned the display of Ukrainian flags near memorials in Berlin.

Police officials defended the move, saying they did not want Vladimir Putin’s war sentiment to “overflow” into World War II commemorations.

The Ukrainian ambassador rebuked the defense, saying: “This not only shows a lack of tact; It’s a catastrophic political decision.”

Germany has been criticized for not taking a hard enough stand against Russia after the invasion.

Last week, Germany caved to pressure after its initial refusal to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons sparked intense international pressure and prompted a humiliating turnaround.

It was also notable that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has not yet visited Kiev, unlike Boris Johnson and other European leaders.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky asked Chancellor Scholz to send a message by visiting Kiev on Victory Day instead of the usual annual trip to Moscow.

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