Friday Letters: ER wait times much longer than official estimates

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It would be more accurate if reporters interviewed people in the ER and didn’t quote politicians. They say more than three hours, but what they don’t say is that it’s inhumanly longer than that. I had the unfortunate opportunity to witness firsthand how long the waiting times are – 16 hours I waited with a minimum time of 12 hours for 98% of the waiting room.

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I started talking to a few other patients and it was generally agreed that most were there on the advice of their doctors. Others arrived by ambulance but also waited, 10 hours for a gentleman.

The saddest thing is that ambulances and their staff have to wait until the patient is admitted, overloading their services for hours. Throwing more money into this dysfunctional pit will not solve the problem until there is a more sustainable operations plan in place. Of course, between the doctors and the AHS this could be achieved and put to use sooner rather than later, as it is obvious to everyone who has had the unfortunate experience of going to an ER in the last year where the “block of blood” is. access”. I don’t know how much longer AHS hopes the public can take it.

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Deborah Huber, Edmonton

Caminhos do Povo has a loud voice in the city hall

Thus, the city council gave the green light to a pilot project to close 102 Avenue in the center of the city. This is great, all the best. However, reading between the lines is that it comes from a big push and support from a very ambiguous organization within the city’s influence and decision-making.

This is the Paths for People organization whose funding comes from many, but it also included the city of Edmonton, yes, the taxpayers. This conflict seems like a terrible breach of ethics, it made me think a lot about how the city council actually works.

I’m fine with that; if, however, we as taxpayers stop paying the salaries, staff, and projects of the big city planners and just give Paths for People a loud voice to continue their demolition paths, perhaps we can save taxpayers a lot of money, as most of taxpayers don’t have a voice anyway. It seems to pay twice for the same liter of expired milk.

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Grant Hammond, Edmonton

Reduced mosquito control will bite after rain

Now that Edmonton has had some rain, the full impact of the city’s new no-spray policy for mosquitoes will become apparent. God help us. Thank you Count. Janz.

Mitch Lavoie, Edmonton

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