Four are stabbed as a knife-wielding man goes berserk before being thrown to the ground with crutches by onlookers in New Zealand

A KNIFEMAN went on a rampage stabbing four people before being approached by a hero bystander using his crutches.

Terrified people fled for their lives as they were chased by a man with a “big knife” during the terror attack in Auckland, New Zealand.

Police at Horror Stabbing Site


Police at Horror Stabbing SiteCredit: AP

Superintendent Naila Hassan said four members of the public were stabbed in the “random” attacks.

Members of the public who acted or helped, including someone using a crutch, “acted bravely” to attack the man with “a really big knife,” she said.

Police said the incident unfolded around 11:18 am, when the man stabbed the occupant of a property.

He then headed towards the beach in the North Shore area, where three people near a bus stop were also stabbed.

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