Former Trump campaign manager, Justice Department official to testify at Jan 6 committee

You can watch the hearings live here starting at 10am ET.

The House committee investigating the January 6 riot resumes its Monday morning hearings with live witnesses, building on a prime-time hearing last week that began detailing how former President Donald Trump persecuted his interests. false claims about the November 2020 election, even after a number of officials warned him there was no fraud.

Monday’s session delves deeper into what it calls “the big lie,” Trump’s bogus allegations of voter fraud that fueled his relentless drive to overturn the 2020 election and prompted a mob of his supporters to besiege the US Capitol.

In addition to former Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien, the committee is also due to hear testimony from Chris Stirewalt, a former Fox News political editor closely involved in election night coverage who supported the decision to declare Arizona won by Biden.

A second group of witnesses who will testify on Monday will be made up of election officials, investigators and experts who are likely to discuss Trump’s responses to the election, including dozens of failed court challenges and how his actions diverged from US norms.

Among them is former US Attorney in Atlanta, BJ Pak, who resigned from the Justice Department after being tasked by the Trump administration with finding examples of Georgia election fraud that did not exist. The panel will also hear from former Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt, a Republican who faced criticism when the Pennsylvania election was called for Biden; and noted Washington attorney and election attorney Benjamin Ginsberg.

Monday’s hearing will also turn to the millions of dollars the Trump team raised in the run-up to Jan. 6, according to a committee aide who insisted on anonymity to discuss the details with the Associated Press.

WATCH | Trump’s claims were ‘influencing a lot of people’, says his former attorney general:

Ivanka Trump, William Barr’s Testimony Aired at Riot Hearings at US Capitol

The U.S. Congressional committee investigating the January 6, 2021 riots began its televised hearings on Thursday, showing its video interview with former Attorney General Bill Barr, who testified he told Donald Trump his electoral fraud allegations were ‘beasts’. The panel also showed testimony from Ivanka Trump.

First of 3 hearings this week

The committee, investigating the attack in early 2021 last year, warned that Trump’s effort to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory poses a grave threat and precedent for future US elections.

The panel does not have the power to prosecute indictments, but it can increase pressure on the Justice Department if it presents convincing evidence that crimes have been committed.

No president or former president has ever been indicted. Attorney General Merrick Garland did not specify whether he would be willing to sue.

As it happens6:14January 6 hearings are a reminder of how ‘extreme’ Republicans have become, says party member

While many Republicans have rejected the January 6 hearings, others, like Gunner Ramer, hope it will be a moment of reflection for the party. Ramer is the political director of the Republican Accountability Project, a Republican-backed group that aims to fight disinformation and defend democracy.

Trump, giving every indication he is mounting another presidential race, said last week that January 6 “represents the biggest movement in the history of our country.”

More than 800 people were arrested during the siege, and members of two extremist groups were indicted on rare sedition charges for their roles in leading the attack. Among those who died on Capitol Hill that day was a Trump supporter shot dead while part of a large group trying to storm a Capitol entrance.

Additional evidence is due to be released at hearings this week focusing on Trump’s decision to ignore the election result and the court cases that have ruled against him. Hearings are scheduled for Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon.

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