flynas operates weekly flights between AlUla and Dubai

Dubai: «The Gulf»
Al-Ula revealed the relaunch of flynas domestic flights between Al-Ula – Dammam, Al-Ula – Riyadh and international flights between Al-Ula – Dubai.
This step comes with the beginning of the summer season in the region, with the aim of facilitating access to Al-Ula and offering more options for air travel to and from the tourist and heritage destination open to visitors throughout the year, and Dubai – Al- Ula flights will be available every Friday starting June 24, 2022 and return flights will return AlUla-Dubai every Sunday starting June 26, 2022. These flights will increase by two trips round trip from next September.
As for flights between Al-Ula – Dammam, they will be available on Thursday and Sunday of each week from Thursday 23 June 2022, while flights from Al-Ula – Riyadh from Friday Friday, June 24, 2022 and Riyadh – Al-Ula flights every Sunday From June 26, 2022. These flights will double in September for a return trip twice a week.
Tickets will be available for booking on the flynas website or through local travel agents on Monday, June 20, 2022.
Al-Ula is home to Al-Hijr, the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia, considered one of the most important heritage and cultural destinations in the Kingdom and the region, as well as being a luxury boutique destination for tourism and activities throughout the year.
As an “open-air living museum”, AlUla offers immersive and adventurous experiences of world-class awe and organization, and is considered one of the best leisure and relaxation destinations in the Middle East with its eco-friendly luxury hotels and restaurant selections. international markets, as well as its lush oasis of 2.3 million palm trees.

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