FF14 Patch 6.2 Notes will appear for the first time on July 1st

Final Fantasy 14 joins its brethren in big announcements with the first look at the upcoming patch in a few weeks. It will introduce new raids, quests, dungeons and more.

Final Fantasy fans are eating well today as some FF14 patch 6.2 news has also been released. The producer’s first live letter for the patch will take place on July 1 at 9pm AEST, described as part 1, also including “miscellaneous updates”.

The timing of the Live Letters is pretty predictable, and that likely means there will be another one at the end of the month or in early August and then the patch release around August 2nd.

As for content, we know Island Sanctuary is on the way in this patch. There will also be the next phase of Pandaemonium raids and the new chapter of main scenario quests. Based on previous expansions, we are also expecting the start of the new test series, although no one is quite sure what it might be.

There are also usually a few surprises per patch, although they can be saved for part 2 of the PLL. There was an extreme ‘bonus’ test in Shadowbringers for various pieces of cosmetic gear, as well as the early story of Bozja and Relic. The only remaining content that was announced prior to the expansion and unconfirmed for 6.2 is a new Deep Dungeon.

FF14 continues to celebrate record-breaking popularity since the release of Endwalker, with the recent release of Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate being well-received as both a storytelling moment and a high-profile challenge. Key members of the development team, of course, are now working on Final Fantasy 16.

Written by GLHF.

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