Father gives son 20 properties to help him attract a wife

As China’s population growth has dropped to its lowest level in 61 years, barely surpassing the death toll in 2021, parents are becoming desperate to find their children’s lifelong partners.

But one parent in particular is taking it to a whole new level.

According to Chinese newspaper Jimu News, a father in Hebei province showed up on a blind date with more than 20 real estate bonds in hopes of attracting a wife for his 24-year-old son.

These dating corners are public spaces – commonly found in major cities and small towns in China – where parents gather to find potential partners for their children.

Video footage circulating on social media shows the father holding a pink bag with a pile of documents that the father said consisted of various commercial property deeds. Since the video hit social media, it has garnered over 78 million views on the equivalent of Twitter, Weibo.

The father brought a bag containing a pile of property titles to a matchmaking corner.
The father brought a bag containing a pile of property titles to a matchmaking corner.

“Dad is not trying to show off. He just wanted to show his sincerity and find a daughter-in-law of equal status,” Wang, a matchmaker who has recorded his father’s details for dates, told Jimu News.

“He said his son has a steady job and has a lot of good qualities.”

However, the now viral video raises questions about the methods parents can use to find a spouse for their children.

“That kind of pressure is a little too much. Maybe the son doesn’t even want to get married,” one person commented.

And, perhaps, it might even generate some new competition.

“This is the roof for marriage,” commented another person, of setting the bar high for eligible singles.

The shift also comes as millennials increasingly avoid marriage, with the marriage rate in China falling to a 36-year low in the past eight years.

In August 2021, China changed the law to allow couples to legally have up to three children after the population declines.

Chinese culture expects women to marry before age 30. If women do not marry after 27, they are called “sheng nu” which means “women left over”.

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