Farmers urged to convert their old diesel Land Rovers to ELECTRIC – and how it will pay for itself in four years

FARMERS are being urged to convert their old diesel Land Rover Defenders to electric to protect them from the future.

A new ‘drop-in’ EV kit that can be retrofitted in place of the old diesel engine is on offer and will pay for itself in four years.

Farmers are testing old Land Rovers at Worthy Farm


Farmers are testing old Land Rovers at Worthy Farm

That’s according to car conversion specialist Electrogenic, who has extensively developed and tested the new kit.

He worked with farmers who went about their usual business at Worthy Farm, also the site of the infamous Glastonbury music festival.

The kit is designed to be installed by a properly qualified, maintenance-free mechanic.

An electric motor is simply bolted to the Defender’s existing clutch box, so the vehicle maintains all of its gears.

It packs 120 hp – power comparable to the original diesel engine.

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Batteries are mounted under the hood that give you over 100 miles of range on the road and considerably more when driving off-road or around a farm.

As standard, the kit is equipped for night charging via a Type 2 connector. Faster charging can be specified as an optional extra.

And Electrogenic promises that the Defender’s legendary off-road capability and its ability to tow heavy trailers won’t be affected – in fact, it will be enhanced.

The kit costs £24,000 before VAT, but Electrogenic argues it’s a cheaper expense than a new farm vehicle and calculates that farmers will save £6,000 each year on diesel costs alone.

That means the kit can pay for itself in just four years.

Steve Drummond, co-founder of Electrogenic, said: “This new electrical conversion kit is a really exciting development for us.

“We do high-spec conversions for road warriors, but this
kit is all about giving landowners an economical and sustainable option.

“This gives Land Rover Defenders – long a trusted workhorse for farms across the country – an affordable new lease on life, reducing
running costs, improving performance and drivability across the property.

“After an extensive program of development, in partnership with automotive experts at Cardiff University, we also know that it future-proofs the traditional Defender, preparing it for decades of reliable and sustainable service as we enter the era of low-income agriculture. carbon”.

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