F1 Qualifying LIVE: FP3 updates from Monaco GP as Charles Leclerc aims to take pole over Max Verstappen

<p>Max Verstappen on track during practice before Monaco Grand Prix</p>
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Max Verstappen on track during practice before Monaco Grand Prix

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The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​here with Formula 1 heading into its seventh race of the 2022 season, following last week’s Spanish Grand Prix. The prestigious race has been the source of much speculation this week, with F1 owner Liberty Media considering how to expand the sport and putting the historic race under threat due to a number of factors including: a small crowd compared to other races, a small fee paid for the privilege of hosting one of the 22 Grands Prix and the relatively difficult potential for overtaking and thrilling moves.

But Ferrari’s Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc, who has lived in Monaco all his life, insists taking the race out would be a “bad move”, adding: I am not F1. F1 has some historic tracks like Silverstone and Monza – and Monaco too. And they must stay on the calendar. Monaco is one of the best tracks, in terms of qualifying there are no places I like so much here and where the driver can make such a difference. The races are so close. The danger, you can still feel it because you really get the feeling of speed and in terms of qualifying it’s probably the most exciting of the year. I agree that in racing maybe there are a few things we can change here and there to help with overtaking. But in terms of the challenge for the drivers, it is one of the toughest challenges of the year.”

Leclerc is hoping to regain his lead over Red Bull world champion Max Verstappen, who is six points clear in the drivers’ standings, while Sainz is also hoping to help close Red Bull’s 26-point lead in the constructors’ title. running. Mercedes continues to struggle, with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell desperate to challenge the top of the races. Follow live updates from FP3 and the build-up to qualifying this afternoon in Monte-Carlo:


How to get the perfect Monaco Grand Prix photo: ‘To get on the roof of the Ritz-Carlton, you need a supreme plan’

Through a photographer’s lens, some F1 tracks are inescapably ugly.

Silverstone, for example, is a former RAF airfield that is flat and featureless like a gray desert, divided by patches of grass as if someone had once tried to spruce it up a bit.

Others are irresistibly beautiful, like Austria’s Red Bull Ring, a track surrounded by forest, with sweeping curves that seem to climb into the Alps behind them.

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F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2022

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(AFP via Getty Images)

(AFP via Getty Images)

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Lewis Hamilton fights at Monaco GP as Charles Leclerc leads practice

The Ferrari man is now the favorite to claim the all-important pole position in the final Formula 1 event.

Hamilton’s rebirth in Barcelona a week ago could be short-lived after a disturbing day when he was jolted around in his Mercedes.

The narrow, winding streets of Monte Carlo pose a unique challenge and don’t seem to be a challenge for the Silver Arrows. Hamilton was 1.6 seconds behind Leclerc.

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