EU bans Russian lobbying from its institutions

BRUSSELS: The main institutions of the European Union have banned lobbyists working for the Russian interests of their installations in the latest move against Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine, officials said on Thursday.
The 705-member European Parliament made the change in early June and the European Commission, the bloc’s executive arm, as well as the Advicerepresenting the Member States, followed suit.
“We have been instructed not to receive any more people representing a Russian interest,” an EU official said on Thursday, just before the start of an EU summit on aid to Ukraine.
The decision concerns all Russian interest representatives registered to have access to the institutions’ premises to meet with commissioners, their officials and elected deputies.
The decision is part of the implementation of the sixth set of sanctions adopted by the European Union, which prohibits all business consultancy and public relations services.
Russian diplomats, officials and executives have already been banned from EU facilities and denied visas to enter the bloc, but so far EU citizens representing the interests of their Russian clients in Brussels have not been barred from doing business.

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