Emma Thompson slams ‘insensitive’ government over Rwanda’s ‘crazy’ scheme

Home Secretary Priti Patel unveiled the plan in April, which calls for anyone arriving in the UK via so-called illegal means – particularly via the English Channel – to travel from the UK to the African country to start a new life there. .

Emma, ​​who has long been vocal on a range of political issues, was asked about the scheme in an interview with Sky News’ Beth Rigby on Thursday, where the British actor said it did not reflect the “soul of this country”. and people. start.

“The real problem is that our referral mechanisms are a mess and the Rwanda schema is insensitive and insensitive,” she said.

“We are exhibiting an insensitivity in the government that I don’t think reflects the soul of this country and the nature of the people in this country. I really don’t.

Emma, ​​who adopted son Tindyebwa Agaba when he was 16 after he fled Rwanda, continued: Same sort of thing was happening in Aleppo’, and I understand that too. But at the same time, there was a huge compassionate openness from the British people.

“People in this country really wanted to help and were severely blocked from doing so by government mechanisms and all sorts of internal difficulties with things like bank accounts and our civil society somehow not being helped to rise to the occasion.

“This is a very, very complex issue, but the movement of peoples, not just because of war, but because of climate change, is being one of the biggest problems of our time and certainly of the 21st century. So we better start thinking about how people need to move and we will have to accept that.”

She added: “We can no longer become fortresses and build walls, it’s not realistic.”

Watch Beth Rigby’s full interview with Emma Thompson and Good Luck to You Leo Big co-star Darryl McCormack below…

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