Emirates News Agency – “The Ministry of Industry” and the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence organize the second edition of the training program “Industry 4.0 for Industrial Leaders”

The program is aligned with strengthening the role of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the UAE’s industrial sector.

The program is part of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology’s efforts to raise the level of cooperation and communication between the public, private and academic sectors.

The program aims to upgrade national industrial capabilities in the field of Fourth Industrial Revolution technology.

Abu Dhabi, June 17 / WAM/ The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, in cooperation with the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence – the research university for postgraduate studies specializing in artificial intelligence research – organized the second edition of the “Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence Program for Industry Leaders” with the participation of UAE’s industrial sector leaders, aiming to enable future industrial management and provide industry leaders with detailed information about the most important programs and applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how to leverage them to support business growth.

The four-day training and vocational program comes within the framework of enhancing the role of artificial intelligence in realizing the UAE Vision 2071, understanding the role of advanced technology in the industrial sector and enhancing the empowerment of individuals and institutions through ” Industry 4.0″ program launched by the ministry within the “50 projects”, which aims to stimulate the adoption of fourth industrial revolution solutions in the UAE’s industrial sector and acquire the knowledge necessary to develop knowledge and skills related to digital transformation and advanced technology. For the second year in a row, the program provides decision makers with the technical expertise needed to benefit from the power of artificial intelligence in the industry, identifying the best strategies for embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution and providing leaders with the skills needed to accelerate the process of industrial transformation within their organizations. The program aims to raise the country’s industrial productivity level by 30% and add 25 billion dirhams to the national economy over the next ten years.

Increase in industrial competitiveness.

Mohammed Al Qassim, Director of the Technology Adoption and Development Department at the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, highlighted the influential role played by the program in developing a sustainable industrial sector and contributing to the development of the skills of senior industry leaders in the public and private, in cooperation with the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, after the success of the first version of the program in December last year. He stressed that training represents an important step towards achieving the goals of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Program and participating in raising the level of industrial productivity and the country’s global competitiveness.

He highlighted that the Industry 4.0 program in the United Arab Emirates is aligned with the priorities of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology aimed at developing the business environment in the country and with the fifty principles that focus on building the best and most active economy in the world. .

He added that supporting companies in the industrial sector in the adoption and adoption of advanced technical solutions is an integral part of the ministry’s mission to help national companies unlock the full potential of Fourth Industrial Revolution solutions, bringing together the public, private and academic sectors. Providing industrial leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge, improving their competitiveness, increasing productivity and efficiency, improving quality and creating new jobs, thus increasing the contribution of the industrial sector to GDP.

The UAE is a global hub for artificial intelligence.

For his part, Sultan Al-Hajji, Vice President of Public Affairs and Graduate Relations at the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, highlighted the importance of cooperating with the Ministry to develop and host the second edition of “Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence”. for Industrial Leaders”, as the program helped industrial leaders understand the importance of industrial systems. Artificial intelligence in improving the quality of industrial inputs and increasing regional and international competitiveness.

Al-Hajji added that artificial intelligence today has a significant impact on all sectors, from product development and manufacturing to service delivery and policy making. Artificial intelligence has also become an integrated tool to achieve national priorities and vision, in line with the UAE’s strategy for artificial intelligence, so that the country becomes a global leader in the field of artificial intelligence by 2031, and the university is honored to play a role in this effort and helps the industrial sector to innovate and adopt artificial intelligence technology.

Noting that the university is looking forward to participating in the next editions of the program and consolidating the partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology by developing more professional programs that contribute to improving the industrial position of the UAE.

It is worth noting that the program participants went through industrial experiences and challenges in order to find innovative solutions for them using Industry 4.0 technology and artificial intelligence, in the context of increasing knowledge of the basic elements of artificial intelligence, concepts, trends and values. associated with them and their effects on it, and the role of artificial intelligence in realizing the UAE 2071 Vision, and understanding the role of artificial intelligence in realizing the UAE 2071 Vision. Advanced technology in the industry sector and promotion empowerment of individuals and organizations through the program.

This year, the program also saw broad participation from a group of experts, trainers and speakers, including: Saqr bin Ghaleb, Director of the UAE Government’s Office of Artificial Intelligence; Tariq Al-Hashimi, Head of the Technology Adoption Department at the Ministry; Professor Abdul Muttalib Al Siddik, Acting Head of the Computer Vision Department of the Mohamed bin Zayed Group for Artificial Intelligence; Muhammad Yaqoub, assistant professor of computer vision at the university; Dr. Ahmed Al-Dabbagh, Director of Professional Services at the University; Dr. Abdul Qader Al-Salami, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Data Practices at Etisalat Digital; Fahmi Al-Shawa, founder and CEO of Immensa, a 3D printing company; Madhu Hosdorga, global vice president of artificial intelligence at Schneider Electric; Noaman Kaiser, Director of Digital Transformation, Supply Chain, Unilever; and Yasser Ahmed, Director of Business Development, Internet of Things and Digital Technology at Schneider Electric in the Middle East and North Africa.

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