Emirates News Agency – The country’s media institutions win 18 awards at the 15th edition of the Gulf Radio and Television Festival

ABU DHABI, June 24 / WAM / State media institutions won 18 awards at the conclusion of the activities of the 15th edition of the Gulf Radio and Television Festival, organized by the Kingdom of Bahrain from June 21 to 23, and various government radios and private and television channels from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries participated.

Abu Dhabi Media Company won, within its channels and radio stations, the Golden Award for the programs “Kif Morale” in the cultural programs category “Gulf Identity”, “Dearest People” in the documentary category, “Consciente” program in the lecture in the shows category, and “A New Age” program within the category. In the awareness programs category, while the silver award went to the show “Double Click” in the variety shows category, and the series “Banat Masoud” won the silver award in the dramatic comedy category, while the radio station “ Abu Dhabi FM” won the gold award in the golden breaks category, which it won for its breaks. Stay home”, while Emirates Radio FM won the silver award for its “Hat-trick” and Sky News Arabia for its show “Atheer Al Koora”.

The Sharjah Radio and Television Authority has won 5 miscellaneous awards, including 3 gold for the TV programs “Stars of Science” for the category of family and children’s programs, and “Shariat Al Dhaid” for the category of environmental programs awards “Our Gulf is Green”, and the show “Voice of Recitation”, while the show “Voice of Recitation” won silver awards for the popular radio show “Al-Atheer” in the variety show category, and the radio series “Khattar Al -Hana” in the comedy drama category.

Dubai Media Incorporated won the “Flashes” advertising break award, won by “At Atheer Expo”, while the community drama award was won by the Gulf series “Sama Alia”, and the cultural programs award “Gulf Identity” was won by the “Cultural Dimensions” Program.

In the film category, the film “A Small Dream”, produced by Cinewaves Films of UAE, won the Short Narrative Film Award.

His Excellency Dr. Rashid Khalfan Al Nuaimi, Executive Director of the Office of Media Regulation at the Ministry of Culture and Youth, said: “This honor is the culmination of a procession of sincere efforts made by various institutions and media agencies in the country, as these achievements reflect the degree of development and progress experienced by the reality of the media in the country, which has always been concerned with presenting purposeful and constructive messages, based on noble media standards that correspond to the desires, knowledge and culture of the various members of society.”

He added that this benefit that our media institutions have achieved motivates us to continue working for more achievements that serve the continuity of providing significant work of intellectual, cognitive and cultural value, and leads us to build on what has been achieved and to take advantage of all the experiences to that we can in the future develop tools and standards that are consistent with the identity of our Arab and Gulf societies.

The state delegation that attended the event included officials and administrators from Abu Dhabi TV and Radio, Dubai TV and Radio, Sharjah Radio and Television Authority and Ras Al Khaimah Radio, who participated in more than 30 works, participated in a series of seminars and workshops , and were present in a market that included differentiated exhibition pavilions for media production, while several university students in the country participated in digital media and short film competitions.

This year, the festival organized 11 contests for various series and radio shows for the GCC member states, in addition to another 10 contests for series, films and television shows, in the area of ​​digital media and short films for students and amateurs.

Wam / Reem Al-Hajri / Abdel Nasser Moneim

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