Early voting expands to all of Chicago, suburban Cook County on Monday

CHICAGO (CBS)– Early voting expands on Monday to all boroughs of Chicago and Cook County, with the next Illinois election day just weeks away.

June 28 is primary election day, which would normally have taken place months ago, in March. It’s been decades since the date was so late.

It’s all thanks to a bill passed last year to push back the date.

Expanded early voting officially begins on Monday morning and runs until June 28.

Some counties began early voting in May, but as of Monday, all 50 boroughs and suburban Cook County are included.

If you are not yet registered to vote, and still want to, all early voting sites have registration services. You only need two forms of identification.

Early voting machines open at 9am every day except Sundays at 10am

Lawmakers are concerned that residents won’t know this is happening and are working to get the word out.

On Monday morning, Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García, along with 12 candidates for the 2022 primary, will hold an emergency press conference in Pilsen to let residents know who may not know about early voting. They will address the public at 10:15 am

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