Drag racers make donuts, light fires on Lower Wacker Drive; Chicago Police Say No Reports

CHICAGO (CBS) — On a wild night on Chicago’s Lower Wacker Drive, dozens of people turned out for a drag race. This participation occurred despite efforts by lawmakers to clamp down on this activity.

Drag racing on Lower Wacker Drive is an ongoing issue, and there was another incident early Sunday morning. It was all captured on the POD camera video.

At around 2 am a crowd of 100 people and dozens of cars gathered there. At least one person can be seen with what appears to be a weapon.

In the video, people in the crowd stand inside a circle of what appears to be fuel on the ground. Someone lights the fire and it catches fire. One by one, people start jumping out of that creepy ring. Some people stand in the ring as they appear to record their cell phones through the flames as a car makes donuts outside.

The Chicago Police Department said it does not know details and no reports have been filed. The Chicago Fire Department said no one was hurt, but didn’t give too many details.

The gas cylinders were still on the ground on Sunday, more than 12 hours later.

Nearby signs that say “No Crossing” give Chicago police the opportunity to penalize people who drag races there. Even with the threat of misdemeanor and thousands of dollars in fines, drag racing remains a problem.

A new law on Governor JB Pritzker’s desk would fine street racers $250 and charge them with a misdemeanor for the first offense. So $500 and criminal charges if they do it again.

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