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The days go by..

Today I’m thinking about the new weekend, to which I still haven’t managed to balance and adapt, and maybe many others have the same feeling, even if we try to get used to it and enter it with its different rituals on their different days. It passes in a hurry, and I don’t know the days until after certainty and certainty, as Thursday, which was at the end of the week, is in the middle of it, and therefore many of the rituals of our days and holidays have now become strange. for us and for us, especially the weekend, which is the rest of the warrior running and panting behind the clocks of his fast-paced days, He doesn’t know when to stop, and where he can stop, it’s hard for him to spend it, he can choose lazy sleep and lazy breakfast in it, he can run away from the city to the land of space and emptiness, he can change the city to a city, he can be robbed by capitals dear to heart, even for days, he can include before. their soft bones, and who only see their faces for intermittent hours, do not satisfy their father’s hunger, he can choose the weekend For the weary and weary soul, he retires to a coffee or gladdens his soul by watching his favorite movie that cold and dark hall. The weekend is for the non-traveler forever and ever, something that has the sanctity of first place, the first city and the good people in it, so most of the weekend is for me if I’m not Ali Safar, it’s in Al Ain city, and it’s been a habit since I was studying in Abu Dhabi during non-university school internships. Friday is always at Al Ain and now I’m trying as hard as I can and overcoming the circumstances where the big family gathers in the big house around Friday lunch after the ritual prayer and what precedes and follows from that , the children gather around their mother, their grandchildren, their great-grandchildren and their relatives in what looks like a late group lunch “Hayur”, which is like offering beautiful things to that woman who can’t get enough of love, thank you, affection, gratitude and bring something of joy to the heart and warmth to oneself, day Friday meeting is shared by two councils, one council for men and one council for women, and can last all day until night, and until the mother’s eyes begin to recall the year of sleep that comes early and intermittent in her age, wishing it was long and lasting.
One of the weekend pleasures that I enjoy, and that I oblige my children, is going to see a movie in the cinemas that adapts to their ages, develops their awareness, expands their imagination and gives them a culture they won’t find in school books, after the movies they can play as they please, and we’re done with the holiday night. This is the ritual of the week’s vacation, but there are unforgettable vacations, and they are different, and different according to the circumstances, developments and joys of the small or large family. Now the week is off, although it’s long, but I feel like it’s out of place, and I still can’t accept it with your ex joy.

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