Couple totally transform ex-council’s kitchen for £5,000

before and after photos of the kitchen

The incredible transformation (Photo: @projectbaldwin/Caters)

When Shen Outar and his partner Nico Harvey moved into the former board’s apartment in 2020, they knew they needed a new life.

The couple wanted to give their new property a makeover without spending a fortune, and the dated kitchen was the starting point.

So, seasoned Shen, a 26-year-old photographer, decided to hunt down some of the best deals around.

And with the help of family and friends, the duo managed to renovate the entire kitchen for just £5,000.

the kitchen before

The earlier dated kitchen (Photo: @projectbaldwin/Caters)

Shen and Nico's kitchen afterwards

Their new space (Photo: @projectbaldwin/Caters)

Shen explains: “For £5,000 we were able to replace the sink, countertops, flooring, tiles, appliances, shelves and lights. By looking for alternatives rather than going with a company that would do everything for us, we were able to save around £10,000 in total.

“By searching online on places like eBay and Etsy, I was able to find cheaper alternatives. I also love thrift stores, so I’d check out the local stores and find trinkets.’

The couple installed all the shelving and did all the painting on the units and walls – saving over £1,000.

They also saved a considerable amount by keeping the husks of the cabinets and shelves and just replacing the doors and door handles – instead of ripping everything out and starting over.

If we had to replace them entirely, it would have cost £1,000 more.

Also, instead of getting marble countertops, they opted for laminate which cost £350.

Now your kitchen looks unrecognizable.

Shen and Nico's kitchen afterwards

They spent £5,000 on the renovation (Photo: @projectbaldwin/Caters)

    Shen and Nico together

Shen and Nico are thrilled with the results (Photo: @projectbaldwin/Caters)

‘We replaced all the doors and closet doors. We took them out and replaced them with MDF’, explains Shen.

‘We also have a pantry cabinet, so we installed shelves in it that matched the new glass countertops and kitchen equipment. When replacing the door handles, I found a local seller on Etsy for them – which was much cheaper.

“We also built a boiler cover as I hate the look of boilers and it was the first thing you saw when you walked into the kitchen so we built cabinets to hide it.

‘So we changed the floor to herringbone laminate flooring.’

Shen, who has always been interested in interior design, adds, “I think now you can see the modern aspects coming through as the kitchen is navy blue and marble and gold.

‘The brass sink was an amazing addition which I also found online, it was a little more expensive at £300 but because we had saved so much on the cupboards and shelves it worked well.’

Now that the kitchen is ready, the duo says the next project is the bathroom.

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