City did ‘everything they came to do’ against Farsley, says James

YORK City first-team coach Kingsley James said his team did “everything they came to do” in the 2-0 win over Farsley Celtic.

York and Farsley fought in a physical encounter at The Citadel, and for much of the game it looked destined to end goalless.

Goals from Clayton Donaldson and Lenell John-Lewis, however, ensured City’s return to York with three points.

“(We did the work), that’s all we came to do,” mused James.

“We knew it was going to be a similar pitch to Kettering, it’s probably worse than Kettering, we knew it was going to be a tough game and that no team would perform particularly well today.”

“I think this is the game we saw, it was just to know which teams took their chances.

“On pitches like this, it gets narrow, so the long pitches come into the area.

“There were chances created, it’s who could take the chances and who could see the game.”

Despite his misfortunes this season, Farsley certainly didn’t make the game easy for York.

The hosts had several opportunities and James recognized that they are a team that tries to play pass football whenever they can.

“They definitely have some good football players,” he said.

“Their position in the league is what it is, but they have some great players.

“They have quality, they’re not just rugby players who are just throwing the ball as far as they can.

“They hit good areas, when they had ball time, they caught good diagonal balls for Jimmy Spencer, who is a handful.

“We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy game, it was going to be difficult under difficult circumstances, but it’s three points and a clean sheet. For the next.”

It was clear in the game that the team that scored first would probably go on and win the game, such was the intensity of the game.

After York opened the scoring, it didn’t seem likely that they would lose the lead and, in fact, would double up.

“Definitely,” said James, agreeing with the argument that it seemed likely that the team that scored first would win.

“In any of those games, we saw in Kettering that we were down by two after ten minutes and the game was over, we never seemed to play again.”

“That’s the honest truth. If we had fallen two after ten minutes today, it would have been very difficult to come back.

“I thought overall we deserved to win.”

If York is able to win their final two championship games of the season, they could see themselves playing at home for the football play-off.

Their win puts them just two points behind Chorley, who currently sits in fifth place.

“That’s the point,” enthused James.

“We’ve said that several times since we got here, we want to win every game.

“It’s huge for us if we can get past Chorley, get above them and get a draw at home, what a moment it will be.

“In the home stadium, it would be unbelievable.”

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