Chinese city of Tangshan loses ‘civilized’ status after women fight at restaurant

China: Tangshan has been granted “civilized” status four times since 2011. (File)


After a group of men assaulted four women outside a restaurant in China recently, the city of Tangshan was stripped of its honorary “civilized” status. The attack on the women sparked public outrage with many demanding justice.

Camera footage from the steakhouse on June 10 showed a man slapping and dragging a woman onto the street by her hair after she appeared to reject his advances. Other men then joined in, assaulting their companions and leaving two women sprawled on the side of the street.

Two of the women remain hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), officials said this week, while officials said they had arrested nine people involved in the attack.

The incident, which was captured by CCTV cameras, also renewed a national discussion on violence against women in China.

A hashtag on social media site Weibo began making the rounds after the incident in Tangshan, in northern Hebei province. Soon after, it caught the attention of users, NBC News reported.

The video has been viewed hundreds of millions of times. Hundreds of thousands of people commented after videos of the attack were posted online, many of them demanding action against the accused.

The Civilization Office of the Communist Party Central Committee on Wednesday removed the city from the country’s honorary list of “civilized cities”.

According to the office’s official website, “civilized national cities” are selected on eight criteria, including good social order and a healthy, upward social atmosphere.

Tangshan has received the status four times since 2011, most recently in 2020. The committee’s decision is the latest in a series of official responses to the attack and the waves of anger it has sparked online.

After the attack, the security authority of Hebei Province on Tuesday launched a disciplinary review and investigation into the Tangshan Police Department’s response to the incident.

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