Cat waiting for dog’s sister to come back from walk to play melts on the internet

A cat waiting for her dog sister to return from her walk to play together has gone viral after her owner shared a video of him patiently waiting for her at the window like a good boy.

The video, shared on Reddit on Wednesday, features footage of the cat, Charlie, waiting for her sister, Chelsea, to return from her walk with her dad, then jumping on top of her when she returns, with a caption that reads: “Cat waiting your brothers come back from a walk.”

The post, which was shared on the r/AnimalsBeingBros subreddit by the animal’s owner, who goes by u/iamtheliquor__, has already garnered more than 12,400 upvotes and around 105 comments.

cat and dog playing
One image shows a cat and a dog playing together. A cat has gone viral after his owner shared a video of him patiently waiting by the window for his dog sister to come back from her walk and play together.
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According to a recent survey by the American Pet Products Association, about 70% of American households own a pet. About 69 million American households own a dog, while 45.3 million households own a cat.

Recent statistics published by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals show that one in five US households has adopted a new cat or dog during the COVID-19 pandemic, which represents approximately 23 million American households.

Most users loved the post and the cute relationship between the two pet brothers. SirRupert commented, “That grumpy bark for treats is the best. This whole thing is perfect.” And i-luv-ducks fixed them: “Purrfect”.

Aleeleefabulous wrote: “Oh my gosh, that little kitty’s face in :27 just melted me! It made me cry. Was he smelling that little spot on the floor or falling asleep? Ahh, he missed them so much!”

Another user, PPQue6, put into words what Charlie said to Chelsea when he got back from his walk: “Hey buddy, hey buddy, ohhhh buddy I missed you! Where did you go this time? How was it? Did you have fun? did you you did?”

One user, D1R0CC0, expressed his disappointment that Charlie wasn’t invited on the family outing: “I kind of felt bad that he couldn’t go with them. My cat loves to take the dog for a walk with me.”

DiaMat2040 pointed out a detail that most other users seem to have missed: “I love how [he] spends all the time waiting for you to come back, but when the cat sees you [he] abandon [his] place to act as [he] I didn’t miss you.” And Murky_Translator2295 added, “I personally loved how the cat waited so long just to fuck the dog up the stairs.”

Other users have shared their similar experiences with their own pets. HoneyAndThunder wrote: “My cat does this shit all the time. Pretends he hates the puppy and wants nothing to do with him, but I always catch him checking on the sleeping puppy and supervising the puppy in the yard when he thinks no one is watching.” And iwantaquirkyname00 said, “Awww what a cute furry friend story.”

Referring to the end of the video, when Charlie playfully jumps on top of Chelsea, CopprRegendt joked, “Ah! Cat wants to give hugs, but the only language he knows is violence.”

While some users argued that the owner should start walking the cat as well. Watches_tv commented: “Walk the cat!” And futureflowerfarmer added: “Start singing the cat walk!”

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