Brixton shooting: Teen shot and witnesses ‘shaking and crying’ as ‘explosions heard’

There were reports of gunfire near Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton Hill in south London shortly after 7pm tonight, with reports of a teenager being shot and a man seen with a rifle.

Police rush to the scene of the shooting
Police rush to the scene of the shooting

A teenager was shot and witnesses were reportedly seen “shaking and crying” after several gunshots were heard.

Gunshots were heard near Lambeth City Hall, Brixton Hill, as a man with a rifle was also seen.

A teenager was rushed to hospital after being shot in south London and police were called to the gruesome incident after reports of gunfire at around 7.15pm.

Police officers at the scene found a person in his late teens who had been shot, after being rushed to the hospital, his current condition is unknown.

A witness on social media said he saw a car crash on Acre Lane, near City Hall, before several people got out of the vehicle and fired multiple shots from a gun.

The condition of the teenager who was shot is still unknown.


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Speaking to MyLondon, a witness who was passing by on a bus said: “The bus stopped and we heard we saw this big silver 4×4 crash and there were these guys running, then we heard six shots and a guy with a rifle ran on the bus, it’s the first time I experience something like this.

“The reactions people had on the bus were quite interesting, however, we were lowered crying and shaking.”

“[The bus] it was probably about 70/100 meters away. It was very loud and you could immediately tell what it was – a car crash and multiple gunshots

“Our bus was stopped when it was happening so I crouched down for safety”

The Met says a crime scene remains at the site and the road is closed to traffic.

There were no arrests and Met police were approached for comment.

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