British martial arts boxer crushes skull and limbs in truck crash in Thailand as desperate family raises £60,000 for surgery

A BRIT martial arts boxer is facing the fight of his life after crushing his skull and limbs in a horrific accident while riding his motorcycle in Thailand.

Christian Richardson from York had just won his first Muay Thai competition when he was hit by a truck as his desperate family tried to raise £60,000 for his surgery.

Brit Christian Richardson was hit by a truck in Thailand


Brit Christian Richardson was hit by a truck in ThailandCredit: York Press/Chris Richardson
Martial Arts Boxer Needs Surgery While Staying in Hospital in Bangkok


Martial Arts Boxer Needs Surgery While Staying in Hospital in BangkokCredit: York Press/Christian Richardson

The 32-year-old is still in the hospital with serious injuries after the crash on April 13.

His sister Emmy Watson says her younger brother “miraculously did not die or have any brain or spinal injuries” from the shocking incident.

Chris was leaving a cafe in Thailand when he was hit by a pickup truck and suffered “a lot of injuries and broken bones”.

He was treated in a hospital on Koh Samui for three days before being flown to Bangkok.

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His heartbroken family says he cannot be transferred to a hospital in the UK as he is battling an infection and needs facial and eye surgery to repair a broken cheek and fracture to the floor of his orbit.

Emmy says they are eagerly waiting to find out if her insurance company will fork out her medical bills – which she says is “unlikely”.

She has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for her surgery – with the first two days of treatment costing £25,000.

“The insurance company is looking into the case, although we think it’s unlikely they will pay, a decision has yet to be made and as a result our family has had to pay significant amounts of money,” Emmy wrote on the page.

“Thank you so much in advance to everyone who can help in any way they can.

“We need to support our fighter through this as I know we all want to see him get back to training and laugh with us over a Guinness beer.”

So far, supporters have donated over £25,000.

Emmy says that if the insurance company covers the costs, all donations will be reimbursed.

This comes after a British tourist in Thailand was covered in blood after fighting a boxer who allegedly stole his bag on a beach.

Fraser William Cowen, 23, was paddling out to sea with friends when he saw the bandit flee with his belongings in Krabi, southern Thailand, on Sunday.

He ran after Suwit Puengsom – a former professional Muay Thai boxer – as he tried to flee on a motorcycle.

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And the angry Fraser is seen in CCTV video footage jumping on the thief and wrestling him to the ground.

They came face to face as they fought each other before the martial arts expert bit Fraser’s thumb, pulled out a knife and fled with the bag.

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