A dozen Conservative MPs ready to send letters of distrust to Boris Johnson over the Partygate scandal

A DOZEN Conservative MPs are ready to send letters of distrust to the Prime Minister.

The threat arose when one of the main rebels encountered lawmakers who feared losing their Partygate seats.

A dozen Conservative lawmakers are about to send letters of distrust to Boris Johnson

A source said: “There is concern that lawmakers will return after the Jubilee and have no option but to back out after speaking to voters.”

Former health minister Steve Brine and Anne Marie Morris sent letters to the 1922 group’s chairman Sir Graham Brady.

Critic David Davis said his peers “see their own seats disappearing” because of breaking Rules 10.

Former Secretary of Justice Robert Buckland says the defeats in the June elections will bring about change.

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The 1922 Committee is the vehicle for Conservative MPs to overthrow a prime minister.

It takes a letter of distrust from 15 percent of Conservative MPs to trigger a leadership vote.

This means that 54 letters are currently required.

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