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After a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, Detroit by Detroit is back in action (and in person!) on April 30, 2022, at The Loving Touch in Ferndale. Join us for the 10º annual celebration of local music, with 15 Detroit bands alternating between two stages and covers by artists with Detroit ties, past and present, that you know and love!

Tickets cost R$10 and can be purchased on the spot or online. All proceeds help fund a special scholarship at the School of Rock to benefit a future Detroit rock-and-roller! This is an event you definitely don’t want to miss and one that can make an impact on the Detroit community!

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In honor of celebrating all things DETxDET, we caught up with artists Dani Darling, Night Sky Alumni and The Fruits to hear their thoughts on the upcoming show.

What is your favorite part about DETxDET?

dear dani: The whole concept is super cool. It’s a chance to hear iconic music you love with a fresh perspective. And it’s an opportunity to check out some Michigan talent (we have a lot of that!).

Jason (Night Sky Students): Our favorite part about the DETxDET show is learning songs from these amazing artists who paved the way for emerging or established local artists who might not have tried any other way if it wasn’t for this show. It’s also really cool to see the other bands putting their spin on these covers too!

Drew (The Fruits): My favorite part about DETxDET is how streamlined the performances are – having two stages so there’s virtually no downtime between acts is GENIUS.

How did you decide to cover the artist you chose?

Dani Darling, covering Stevie Wonder: It was kind of obvious, Stevie’s music has colored the soundtrack of my life since the beginning, so I’m honestly honored!

Jason (Night Sky Alumni), covering The Verve Pipe: We chose to make The Verve Pipe based on the feel and sound of their songs and how that translates to our original music. It’s very similar in many ways, and we’ve always really liked this band. I know they nailed it with the song “The Freshman”, but they have so many other good songs that most people don’t know about.

Drew (The Fruits), covering Marvin Gaye: My band, The Fruits, chose to play Marvin Gaye because, regardless of having a song that includes fruit (Grapevine), he wrote songs that are still so relevant today. “What is happening”? We need to keep asking this question until the world achieves true peace.

What made you want to play DETxDET?

dear dani: It’s a great cause. I myself am a product of music education and I run music programs for young people in Ann Arbor, so it’s very important to me.

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Jason (Night Sky Students): Me and two others in our band have played this show in the past with other bands, and it’s always been a blast. It’s like a mini festival, so many great artists in one night, and it’s all Detroit music!

Drew (The Fruits): We always want to play DETxDET! It’s a great exhibit for everyone, it’s full of pleasant surprises, and it’s pure fun. It’s an evening of passionate musicianship that pays homage to some of the greats.

Which Detroit artists have influenced your music?

dear dani: Stevie (Wonder), Marvin (Gaye), Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, The White Stripes, J. Dilla, the list goes on!

Jason (Night Sky Students): There are so many that we draw influence from, it’s hard to name them all. The Verve Pipe, Bob Seger, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper and even current Detroit artists like Stone Clover, Mike Leslie, The Gasoline Gypsies and Brother Elsey who now reside in Nashville. The list goes on.

Drew (The Fruits): Growing up in Metro Detroit, I think we’re all influenced by Motown, whether we know it or not. Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Jack White were the ones that influenced me the most, I would say.

Anything else you would like to add?

dear dani: My psychedelic soul EP The future is on every streaming site – and the title track “The Future” was nominated for a Detroit Music Award (Outstanding R&B Record)!

Jason (Night Sky Students): Also, we had a new 3 song EP release this year titled Better late than never, and you can find it on all major streaming platforms. You can find news and updates on our Facebook or Instagram. Really looking forward to playing DETxDET, and The Loving Touch is a great venue to host!

Drew (The Fruits): DETxDET had a show canceled at the last minute, so actually I’ll be playing BØRNS with my girlfriend Kari in the early evening to fill the space.

Be sure to check out these bands and more on Saturday, April 30th at The Loving Touch!

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Doors at 20:00. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or proof of negative test (within 72 hours) required for admission. For full event and schedule information, visit www.detxdet.com or the event’s Facebook page.

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